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Using truffle to deploy Smart Contracts (v0.6)

1. Install truffle

Truffle is a command line tool to compile, deploy, and test smart contracts on blockchain. Before installing truffle, you want to install or upgrade the npm to the latest version. To install npm, use the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install npm

To upgrade npm, use the following command

$ sudo npm i -g npm

Run npm to install truffle

$ sudo npm install -g truffle


Here -g is for global install so that truffle can be run from any directory

2. Use truffle tool

Once truffle is installed, you can type truffle to see a list of commands and options.

Usage: truffle <command> [options]


    init      Initialize new and empty Ethereum project
    compile   Compile contract source files
    migrate   Run migrations to deploy contracts
    deploy    (alias for migrate)
    build     Execute build pipeline (if configuration present)
    test      Run JavaScript and Solidity tests
    debug     Interactively debug any transaction on the blockchain (experimental)
    opcode    Print the compiled opcodes for a given contract
    console   Run a console with contract abstractions and commands available
    develop   Open a console with a local development blockchain
    create    Helper to create new contracts, migrations and tests
    install   Install a package from the Ethereum Package Registry
    publish   Publish a package to the Ethereum Package Registry
    networks  Show addresses for deployed contracts on each network
    watch     Watch filesystem for changes and rebuild the project automatically
    serve     Serve the build directory on localhost and watch for changes
    exec      Execute a JS module within this Truffle environment
    unbox     Download a Truffle Box, a pre-built Truffle project
    version   Show version number and exit

See more at

3. Initiate, compile, and deploy a truffle project for Wanchain

Make a truffle directory

$ mkdir  wanchain-example

Initialize the truffle project

3.1 Initiate

In the truffle project directory,execute:

$ truffle init

Once a truffle project is initialized, several directories will be created, including

  • contracts : where the source contracts are supposed to reside
  • migrations : where the deployment scripts are supposed to reside
  • test : where the test files are supposed to reside
  • build : the contract compiled result will be put here, created after running truffle compile or truffle migrate.
  • truffle-config.js : The configuration file provides default setup parameters for the project
  • truffle.js : This provide truffle smart contract parameters

The directory will be like below:


3.2 compile

In the truffle project directory, execute the command:

$ truffle compile

If the compilation is successful, a build directory will be created and abi files will be generated under build/contracts/ directory.These abi files can then be deployed as smart contract.

3.3 Config

Setup truffle.js file to specify the network setting etc.

module.exports = {
    networks: {
        development: {
            host: 'localhost',
            port: 8545,
            network_id: '*',
            gas: 4000000,
            gasPrice: 180e9,
            // following address needed to be replaced with unlocked account on gwan node
            from: '0x8f84573C8BaB4d56FDdB48cc792424E8816908fB'

Add deploy script for contract in the directory migrations in the truffle project:

Such as the deploy script name is 2_deploy_contracts.js which will deploy the contract PollApp.sol in the contract directory, the script will be as following:

var PollApp = artifacts.require("./PollApp.sol");
module.exports = function(deployer) {

3.4 start gwan node on local host

Run following command in the directory which include gwan

$ ./gwan --rpc --testnet --rpcapi eth,net,admin,personal,wan --verbosity=0 console

In the gwan console to unlock a existing wanchain account in gwan node and make sure there are balance in the unlocked account, this account need to be same with the from address in the file truffle.js

3.5 deploy contracts

Execute command in the truffle project directory:

$ truffle migrate --network development

The result will be as following:


4. Test deployed smart contract

4.1 test script

Truffle support test for the contract, the test script should put in the directory “test” in the truffle,the test script maybe look like this:

var solc = require('solc');
var Web3 = require('web3');

const PollApp = artifacts.require('./PollApp.sol');

contract('PollApp', ([owner]) => {
    let PollAppInstance;

    before('set up contract before test', async () => {
        await web3.personal.unlockAccount(owner, '****', 9999);

        //create instance
        PollAppInstance = await{from: owner});

    it('test case - 001', async () => {
        await PollAppInstance.XXX()({ from: owner });
        assert.equal(..., ..., 'description...');

4.2 start test

In the directory of the truffle project, execute the command:

$ truffle test
or specify to execute one test script
$ truffle test ./test/XXX.js

This command will execute the test script in the directory “test” of truffle project. The result may look like this: